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English Learning

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sculpture by the sea

Ssulpture by the sea is an annual spectacular international art exhibition.Last thuesday our class(Amep.B) and (Amep.A) class went on an Excursion to Bondi to see Sculpture by the sea.

We took a train to Bondi junction at 9:16 in the morning.My husband was with me.There was something wrong. 3 of our friends went quickly got on the train but we could not do it, so we missed the train.We went to another platfrom got on the train.We were gossiping and laughing on the train.When we arrived there we saw that Lucy,Pei and May were waiting for us.We took a bus and arrived at Bondi Beach.

We arrived safely,some of our friends were buying hats and some of them were putting sunscreen on their faces.I was enjoying seeing that.After a short walk we arrived at Bondi beach and we started to take photos.But suddenly I found that my camera had no charge.I felt upset and my husband told me not to be upset because he had a good camera for taking photos.So,I smiled and started to take photos.The first thing I was"Alchemy".The artists put steel sheets and mirrors into the rock pools so the rock pools looked they were full of water after the rain.I was so surprished to see that sculpture.The other things that also attartcted me was"eye see you".There were many many sculptures that I liked very much.My own sculpture was no 59"embracing the plateau".So I was looking for it.My husband first found this sculpture and took a photo with me in it.It looked like a pregnant woman.But I didn't understand exactly what that sculpture meant.

We had lunch at Tamarama beach.After finishing lunch I called my teacher told her that I wanted to go because I had finished seeing all sculptures.She said"we could go".

We went to the bus stop.After 15 minutes the bus came and we got on the bus.We arrived in Kogarah at 2.30.We enjoyed that day.It was a great time!

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