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English Learning

Friday, November 6, 2009

Physical punishment

Most parents use physical punishment to stop a child from mis-behaving and to make them well-behaved.The immediate effect of punishment may be to stop the misbehaviour but the long term effects is to increase the chances of worse behaviour like:depression,child abuse and other things.In my opinion physical punishment is not good for children.

Firstly, According to psychologists hitting children can be harmful for their development.Reports show that physically abused children are not confident in comparison to other children.If parents hit their children badly on the head.that might cause brain injuries.their IQ might be reduced.Also they can become bullies themselves or they can hit others people.
Secondly, New research shows that physically abusing children when parents are angry can result in serious physical damage.When parents can't control their temper they can be hit their children hardly so it causes injuries,brain damage or death.

Thirdly, It has also been proven that using physical punishment doesn't work with children.They use to this punishment so they don't fear or care about this.They know that it will happen.So the child become more rebellious.The cause of punishment can change their mind and it makes them have a bad relationship in the society.

To end up, The fear of physical punishment can encourage child to lie and cheat to avoid the punishment.That's not good for children.So,I think parents shouldn't use physical punishment.They have to think about their children future.


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