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English Learning

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The city of Cairns

The city of Cairns is one of the safest tropical cities in the world. It is situated on the northwest coast of Queensland in Australia. It is 1700 km from Brisbane by road and 2500 km from Sydney.

Approximately 123760 people live in Cairns.There are 25 state primary schools in Cairns.James cook university and a large tafe campus is also situated in this city.The university is quite small because it has only 3500 students.

It has a tropical climate. In summer its often wet and very humid.Most rains falls late in the afternoon or at night.July is the coldest month in Cairns.In july the minioum tempereture is between 24 and 28 c and in summer is from 30 to 35 C.There are thunderstorms from october to december.

The main industry in Cairns is tourism in winter and fishing.Many many tourists visit in winter.There are some popular tourists activities like:diving,river rafting and fishing.

There are many many natural attractions in Cairns such as:The great barrier reef,warm water,excellent diving,fresh water lakes,beautiful beaches,tropical rainforests and so on.

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