English Learning

English Learning

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Aj amr monta ekdom valo nei, khubi kanna pasche, prithibir sob kichu elomelo lagse......

Monday, May 10, 2010

Excursion on the Rocks

Last Tuesday our class went an excursion to the Rocks. It was my first visit to the Rocks. So,it was interesting for me.

At first, we met Marion at Kogarah station.I was running because I had to catch the 9.35 train. But unfortunately I missed the train. I called my teacher and she told me to catch the next train. I was in a hurry. Suddenly I saw of my two friends,they also missed the train.It was just my good luck! Because it was the first time I bought a ticket and had to go alone. Before I used to go outside with my husband. That's why I was bit worried about getting lost. We got on the train together.

When we arrived Town Hall we saw all of them were waiting for us. We caught another train from there and go down at Circular quay. We started walking from the Museum of Contemporary Art. While we were walking some of them were taking photos of each other.

After that we went to the cadmen's cottage. It was one of the oldest building in Sydney. I took some notes from there so that I can remember about this later. After that we went to the Rock's discovering Museum. Along with the discovery Museum, we took lots of pictures of the traces.

Then we had lunch time. We finished our lunch together. When we finished lunched we went to see the susannah place which excavated in mid 1880's. We visited some other places in the city.

Finally we finished our excursion. We saw the aboriginal dance. It was lovely! When we finished all the things the teachers said to go with her. We followed her. Two student stayed at the city.

We came back home at 2:30 pm. It was a pleasant journey. I had a wonderful time with my teacher and friends. I enjoyed it very much.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Anzac day

ANZAC day, the 25th of April, is a very special day in Australian history. ANZAC stands for the Australia New Zealand Army corps and the reason that it is so important is that on the 25th April,1915 Australia went into battle for the first time as an independent nation.

It is a day for memorial men and women who died during the world wars. Among them there was one famous hero named Simpson, and his donkey-Duffy who helped the wounded during the First World War with Simpson became famous too.

On this day, they can wear ANZAC badges and wave Australian flags to show how proud they are to be Australians. And we lay flowers and wreaths at the bottoms of a war memorial to show that they will remember these brave people forever.

The Ode is part of a special poem that is said during the ANZAC Day service. They say in reply to the Ode is Lest they Forget.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Harmony day celebration of ST GEORGE Tafe College.

Last week ST GEORGE Tafe celebrated Harmony day.Although the day of celebration for Harmony day was 21 April but they celebrated it 24 of March.

At first,our teacher Marion gave us some sticker and badges.We put the badges on our shoulder.Then we practiced some Australian song with Marion.

After that,we went a big hall room in building A. All Tafe students and staffs were there.There were lots of food on the table.So we couldn't put our food on the table that we brought because there was no place.

At the begining of the celebration we had 4 student to give us a speech how they feel and what their experience since they came to Australia.Also they shared with us about new migrants difficulties in a new country and what they had get from here.

While they finished their speeches another attraction came.A Chinese boy sang a traditional song for us.Although I didn't understand anything but also I enjoyed that song.Then we had some Arabic and russian songs.

Finally,we had to finish our Entertainment.Then we had food and drinks.All of them were delicious.

That was really a fantastic day.All of the students from different countries came closer to each other that day.It was like a family.We really had a faboulas time!

Easter holiday

Easter is the most joyous holiday in the Christian calendar. But even for those not inclined toward formal religion, it represents a time of rebirth, new beginnings and the magic of spring.

It combines .innovation, heritage, education and entertainment. Every year The Sydney Royal Easter Show attracts around 900,000 visitors.The Show aims to recognise achievements in agriculture through the various competitions that it organises and promote awareness of rural industries, issues and lifestyles among city Showgoers. It pays tribute to Australia’s agricultural heritage whilst providing a platform for the future.

The Show is also a dynamic entertainment experience for the whole family. Live music, extreme action performances, entertainment, sideshow, food, rides and shopping are all integral components of the Show.
In 2010, The Sydney Royal Easter Show will take place from 1-14 April.The Easter Show is held at Sydney Showground in Sydney Olympic Park. Sydney

Showground is conveniently serviced by bus, train, ferry and taxi services.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Harmony day

Harmony Day is celebrated on 21 March each year.

Managed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Harmony Day celebrates the cohesive and inclusive nature of our nation and promotes the benefits of cultural diversity.

DIAC supports a range of community events and activities held to celebrate Harmony Day by providing free promotional products.

The continuing message of Harmony Day is ‘Everyone Belongs’. It's about community participation, inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

The 2010 theme is ‘Express Yourself’. This gives you the opportunity to share with others the importance of diversity in your workplace, school and community through action, performance, fashion and food.

Since Harmony Day began in 1999 thousands of schools, community groups and organisations across Australia have hosted Harmony Day events.

There is no limit to the range of activities that can be held for Harmony Day and we encourage schools, community groups, local government and businesses to get involved and actively support this day of celebration.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recount about an Excursion

Last Tuesday, our class went an excursion to Hawthorne Park, Ramsgate.

First we met together at Rockdale Migrant Resource Centre at 9:30 am. Then we had a drink and some biscuits. Actually the excursion was held by the migrant centre. It was for women's day. We were looking around and gossiping. One lady showed us all the rooms of that centre. When the bus came, we got on the bus. The bus started to run.

We arrived safely at the park. Some of our friends were taking photos and some of them putting hats on their heads. The sun was very hot that day. There was an Aboriginal who created a smoke ceremony and welcomed us. It was the first time I saw a smoke ceremony. That was quite interesting. He gave a brief speech about Australia. After that, we went for a bush walk. He introduced some of the Australian plants and leaves. We walked through the bush and enjoyed that.

When we finished the bush walk, we went to a big room. Then we were sitting and waiting for a man who will show us Australian animals. Then he came and showed us interesting animals. I was surprised to see that and some of them were scared. But most of the students were enjoying to touch them. They took some photos of them. That was really funny.

At last we finished the park activities and then we went back the migrant resource centre. There was some special things such as the room was decorated with flower and they provided free lunch for us and some people danced. We enjoyed the lunch and the dance. The food was lovely.

Finally, we finished our excursion. Then we came back home. That was really a nice day. I enjoyed it very much. We had a great time together!