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English Learning

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Anzac day

ANZAC day, the 25th of April, is a very special day in Australian history. ANZAC stands for the Australia New Zealand Army corps and the reason that it is so important is that on the 25th April,1915 Australia went into battle for the first time as an independent nation.

It is a day for memorial men and women who died during the world wars. Among them there was one famous hero named Simpson, and his donkey-Duffy who helped the wounded during the First World War with Simpson became famous too.

On this day, they can wear ANZAC badges and wave Australian flags to show how proud they are to be Australians. And we lay flowers and wreaths at the bottoms of a war memorial to show that they will remember these brave people forever.

The Ode is part of a special poem that is said during the ANZAC Day service. They say in reply to the Ode is Lest they Forget.

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