English Learning

English Learning

Monday, March 29, 2010

Harmony day celebration of ST GEORGE Tafe College.

Last week ST GEORGE Tafe celebrated Harmony day.Although the day of celebration for Harmony day was 21 April but they celebrated it 24 of March.

At first,our teacher Marion gave us some sticker and badges.We put the badges on our shoulder.Then we practiced some Australian song with Marion.

After that,we went a big hall room in building A. All Tafe students and staffs were there.There were lots of food on the table.So we couldn't put our food on the table that we brought because there was no place.

At the begining of the celebration we had 4 student to give us a speech how they feel and what their experience since they came to Australia.Also they shared with us about new migrants difficulties in a new country and what they had get from here.

While they finished their speeches another attraction came.A Chinese boy sang a traditional song for us.Although I didn't understand anything but also I enjoyed that song.Then we had some Arabic and russian songs.

Finally,we had to finish our Entertainment.Then we had food and drinks.All of them were delicious.

That was really a fantastic day.All of the students from different countries came closer to each other that day.It was like a family.We really had a faboulas time!

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