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English Learning

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recount about an Excursion

Last Tuesday, our class went an excursion to Hawthorne Park, Ramsgate.

First we met together at Rockdale Migrant Resource Centre at 9:30 am. Then we had a drink and some biscuits. Actually the excursion was held by the migrant centre. It was for women's day. We were looking around and gossiping. One lady showed us all the rooms of that centre. When the bus came, we got on the bus. The bus started to run.

We arrived safely at the park. Some of our friends were taking photos and some of them putting hats on their heads. The sun was very hot that day. There was an Aboriginal who created a smoke ceremony and welcomed us. It was the first time I saw a smoke ceremony. That was quite interesting. He gave a brief speech about Australia. After that, we went for a bush walk. He introduced some of the Australian plants and leaves. We walked through the bush and enjoyed that.

When we finished the bush walk, we went to a big room. Then we were sitting and waiting for a man who will show us Australian animals. Then he came and showed us interesting animals. I was surprised to see that and some of them were scared. But most of the students were enjoying to touch them. They took some photos of them. That was really funny.

At last we finished the park activities and then we went back the migrant resource centre. There was some special things such as the room was decorated with flower and they provided free lunch for us and some people danced. We enjoyed the lunch and the dance. The food was lovely.

Finally, we finished our excursion. Then we came back home. That was really a nice day. I enjoyed it very much. We had a great time together!

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