English Learning

English Learning

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Library Conversation with Ms. Patricia

Any currently enrolled TAFE student can borrow any items from the library by using their TAFE card. To join the library students need to have their current TAFE card. A student can borrow six (6) print items such as books, magazines etc at a time for two (2) weeks.They can also borrow four (4) audio-visual items, which include CDs, DVDs and audio-cassettes which is one (1) week .

If any student need their items to keep for a longer time than usual then they need to renew their items, which can be done over the phone. A student can renew their items twice and every time they can extend for 2 weeks. Students can hold or reserve a book over the phone if the book is available in the library. Students can access the library catalogue from home by using the Internet to search their items. If a student needs to return their items after library hours which is 08:00 – 09:00 then there is chute located inside the library building but there is no chute outside the building so students must return their item either during the library hours or the allocated after hours time. Normally the library opens at 09:00 am every weekday.

Students can also get printing facilities from the library by using their TAFE card.They need to have some money loaded on their TAFE card. The cost of A4 black & white print is 20c per page but if the student were a member of student association then the printing cost would be half which is 10c. To join the student association, the cost is A$ 20 per year. By joining the student association, students can get lots of facilities such as cheap parking, movie tickets etc. The library also provide some free other services such as assisting for preparing an assignment, finding information and books etc. Even if the library does not have the particular book then they bring that book from other library. The library also has lots of resources to support ESL students such as books, exercise books and audio tapes, story books with audio tapes, dictionaries in the reference collection and ESL student can borrow those items for two (2) weeks.


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