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English Learning

Monday, May 10, 2010

Excursion on the Rocks

Last Tuesday our class went an excursion to the Rocks. It was my first visit to the Rocks. So,it was interesting for me.

At first, we met Marion at Kogarah station.I was running because I had to catch the 9.35 train. But unfortunately I missed the train. I called my teacher and she told me to catch the next train. I was in a hurry. Suddenly I saw of my two friends,they also missed the train.It was just my good luck! Because it was the first time I bought a ticket and had to go alone. Before I used to go outside with my husband. That's why I was bit worried about getting lost. We got on the train together.

When we arrived Town Hall we saw all of them were waiting for us. We caught another train from there and go down at Circular quay. We started walking from the Museum of Contemporary Art. While we were walking some of them were taking photos of each other.

After that we went to the cadmen's cottage. It was one of the oldest building in Sydney. I took some notes from there so that I can remember about this later. After that we went to the Rock's discovering Museum. Along with the discovery Museum, we took lots of pictures of the traces.

Then we had lunch time. We finished our lunch together. When we finished lunched we went to see the susannah place which excavated in mid 1880's. We visited some other places in the city.

Finally we finished our excursion. We saw the aboriginal dance. It was lovely! When we finished all the things the teachers said to go with her. We followed her. Two student stayed at the city.

We came back home at 2:30 pm. It was a pleasant journey. I had a wonderful time with my teacher and friends. I enjoyed it very much.

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