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English Learning

Friday, November 20, 2009

Opinion text about my suburb

I think Kogarah is a good place to live in.When I first came here I lived in Lakemba but I didn't like that place so I moved Kogarah because it is really a nice place to live in.

Firstly,It is very close from the station.There are many many schools in Kogarah and also it has a hospital.The Brighton beach is very close from here.

Secondly,The communication system is very good in here and the sydney airport is very close from here.If anyone wants to go to city she can easyly do it.

Thirdly,It has many sporting facilities and library.There is a one good shopping centre and many other shops such as:Bangladeshi,Indian,chinese and so on.

For all this reasons,I prefer to live in this suburb.I never want to go any other place in sydney.

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