English Learning

English Learning

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Technology and Esol

The world is going so fast, we are using new technologies everyday. English is an international language.It is very important to learn English and we can improve our English by using new technologies such as computers, Internet, smartoards, palms,etc. It is beneficial for learning English.

Firstly, Learners can communicate with others. They can exchange ideas in a discussion room or fourm. By using technology they can record spoken messages.They can listen other people messages.

Secondly,By using new technology learners can study online,they can study articles,listen to prounounciation,news and many lectures.

Finally,learning with technology is more fun.Learners can use online educational games.Esl learners can listen to song and read the lyrics at the same time.Learners can create their own learning.

The new technologies are very important for all students and English learners because they can communicate with others,they can study online and they can use online educational games. Day by day the new technologies are incresing more user-friendly.

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  1. Thanks for all these ideas, Keya. I hpe many people read your post and follow your advice.


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