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English Learning

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dust strom

Yesterday I got a new experience. I have got many many experience at different parts of my life. But that was really different from others. I was so surprised to see that thing. I could not believe my eyes. What I was watching! Yesterday I got up 7.30 because I had some work and after that work I had to go to my class. The class was so important for me. Anyway, I just moved my kitchen windows curtain what i saw? I saw ared sky,some red people, everything was red. I was so surprised! I asked my husband what is this? But he did not know. Just he said"today you don't need to go to class in this weather". We turned on the Tv and watched about sand strom. Then we knew that what was it? It was really surprising me. I have never seen like this dust strom in my life.

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  1. I noticed you didn't come to class! I msut say that it was very uncomfortable for us indoors too. The red dust got into everything, the tables in the lab were covered in a fine red layer that went all over our clothes. Even the wireless keyboard and mouse inside the cabinet of the connected classrom were covered in red!


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