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English Learning

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first day in Australia

My first day in Australia was a memorable day in my life.It was a very important day for me.I came here with my husband.When I came here it was 12 of march.I and my husband were waiting for my sister-in-law.She came with her daughter at 9 o' clock.I was so excited to see my sister-in-law because it was the first time I saw her.When I was in Bangladesh I always heard about her from my mother-in-law.

She picked us up.We arrived at her house at 9.30 pm.The house was so beautiful!Although I was so tired and I was so worried about my parents that I had left in my country but I was so excited to see a new country.my sister-in-law had a two children.They are so cute!We were gossiping for an one hour.When we finished our dinner it was 10.30.After finishing my dinner I made a phone call to my parents and mother-in-law.I really missed them.I was crying to think about them.But my husband consoled me.We went to the bed at 11 o'clock.

I think it is a very important day for me because that day was the first day for me in Australia.I have to do work in here.I have to go to University for higher education because I haven't finished my study in my country.

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  1. Everyone's first day in Australia was so interesting and moving. Wish our bright future!


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