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English Learning

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A recount about Excursion

Last thuesday I went on an Excursion to Featherdale park.I went there from St George college.Almost 37 students and 5 teachers were with me.Before the holiday our teacher said not to come late,if we were late,we would miss the bus.Thats why i got up early in the morning and prepared food for me and my husband.I got dressed and I arrived at tafe so early.Only 1 student was there.Some moments later the teacher came and took some photos of us.

We were waiting for the bus.The bus arrived at 8.45.We got onto the bus.All of the students and teachers looked happy.The bus started to run at 9 o'clock on the dot.A couple of student missed it.We arrived at the Featherdale park about 10 o'clock.The bus driver stopped the bus and parked it.One of our teachers went to buy the ticktes which were free for us.While we were waiting for the ticktes our teacher Rosa gave us a worksheet which included some questions about the excursion.At last the other teacher came back and gave us the ticktes.We got off the bus and entered the park.

The park was not too busy.Some school students were there and they were running everywhere.When we entered the park we were together but some moments later we separeted and looked around in small groups or by ourselves.I took some photos of animals,birds and snakes.When I took those photos I also wrote some information about them.The information was very important for me because I knew that I had to write a report about an animal.Thats why I was so conscious.

On my ticktes I put a stamp of some of the animals I had seen.I liked some birds,such as-The Eclectus parrot,The southern Cassoware,Echidna etc.I took photos of my teachers and classmates.We finished our lunch at 12.30.Some of them brought their own some of them bought from the cafe.

Finally we finished our Excursion and got back on the bus.The bus stared at 1 o'clock and we arrived at tafe at at 2 o'clock.

I have never gone on this type of Excursion in my life.It was really fantastic.I really enjoyed it.We had a great time together!


  1. I also went to the Excursion to Featherdale park last thuesday, but I just forgot some thing, I found I need to think more by my heart after read your blog!

  2. I didn't go on excurtion to Featherdale Wildanimal Park,but reading your writing and whaching the slidshow,I could imaginate what you did and what the park looked like.I hope we all classmate have an other opptunity to travel togather.

  3. Keya, you forgot to say that one of your classmates got to the bus stop a bit late and missed the excursion!


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