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English Learning

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to everyone

Hello everyone, this is Keya.

Welcome to my Blog and thank you all in advance for visiting my blog. My name is Mossa. Kamrunnahar Keya. I am from Bangladesh.I came here to Australia as a Spouse Migrant. I have been here in Australia for almost 5 months. I am living with my husband and having a good time getting to know this new country.

Now I'm going to tell you about my educational background, future plan, hobbies etc. I was a commerce student while I was in Bangladesh. I finished my SSC and HSC. After finish my HSC, I enrolled to do honours in Management at National University, Bangladesh and I studied there for one year. As a future plan, I really wish to do higher study here in Australia, which I believe will open a wide path for my personal development as well as for my family betterment and will also give me the opportunity to contribute to the Australian Society. I am looking forward for all those good things to happen. Anyway, that's all about me.

Now about this blog. I hope you find some help by using this blog. I tried to put some useful links which I thought would help us to enhance our English learning process. If anyone has better ideas please share them with everyone. From time to time I will try to put useful things in my blog page. Thank you all once again. If you have any suggestion or any comments....please feel free to post them in my comments.

That's all for today. Enjoy your weekend. See you on Tuesday.

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  1. Hi, Keya. Thanks for sharing your learning with us, it's really good. Let us improve our English together.


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